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BAD FAITH; Love in Idleness, Riddled with Angst

What a twisted web we weave.

Mad blood purists gotta stick together, yeah?
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tom_loves_pansy is a community dedicated to the shipping of Tom Riddle and Pansy Parkinson of the Harry Potter series. Yes, Tom and Pansy. Yes, really.

In exploring the ships involving Tom Riddle, any fan will noticed that he is most often paired with Harry Potter, Ginny Weasley, Minerva McGonagall, Moaning Myrtle or Percy Weasley. While everyone is entitled to their own opinions and ships, this community was based around the idea that Tom Riddle is not the type to go dating Gryffindors.

Tom was raised in a muggle orphanage which he despised, and is a half blood, two facts that he is very bitter about, and appears determined to forget. It seems only natural that he would pursue the opposite in his hypothetical love life; a rich, snobbish, pureblood witch such as Pansy. Tom Riddle is also a Slytherin and very dedicated to his house. It doesn't seem likely that he would seek to date anyone outside of Slytherin.

Pansy is a very sheltered girl. She is rich (if her gold jewellery is any indication), pampered and presumably shares the same bigoted ideals as many of her peers. Being a Slytherin she is ambitious and elitist, which is reflected in her pursual of Draco Malfoy. Were she to encounter Tom, it is very likely she would be enthralled by not only brilliance and charm, but his intense hatred of muggles, and wish to purge the world of all those with less than perfect bloodlines.

Tom and Pansy make a wonderful, albeit dysfunctional pair. They both have very strong personalities and emotions. As a result, their relationship is nothing short of intense, and while half the time they may want to kill one another, the other half they're so completely in love with no clue as to how to even begin express it. The relationship isn't anywhere close to perfect. In fact, it may very well be doomed to end in tears, anger, and even blood, but the time they are together makes it all worth it.

If posting a work of fiction that is your own, lj-cut anything over 100-200 words and give the rating. If posting any work of fiction that are not your own, please link to the story with the title, author's name and rating. It is preferred that you have the author's permission before posting.

If posting a piece of artwork of your own, please lj-cut with a rating. If posting a piece of artwork that is not your own, link to the entry containing the image (do NOT direct-link!) with the rating and author's name. It is again preferred that you have the author's permission before posting.

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tom_loves_pansy claims no ownership of Tom Marvolo Riddle, Pansy Parkinson or the Harry Potter series. Harry Potter is © J.K. Rowling and her respective publishers. No infringment of copyright is intended, yadda yadda, you get the gist.

Anything else? Contact your moderator, spectacular. :)
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